Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its eleven at night and here I am staring at my laptop screen, doing everything I can possibly do to avoid turning around and facing all the work I have. University is no joke, I'll tell you that much.

As for my day. Fairly average. I've only been here a month and already I can feel myself slipping into a groove I don't want to be in. :/ I LIKE the excitement of the unknown, except that even the unknown becomes familiar after a while. I was expecting to get back my second journalism assignment [in which I'm hoping I did well] but it's being moderated so that was a complete anti-climax. I'll post it when it comes back - actually, wait a second, if I do absolutlely atrociously THEN I won't post it.

Just watched Twilight again. I quite enjoyed the books and the movies so far, atleast if my life is stuck in a rut I can live vicariously through Stephenie Meyer, Bella and Edward. How bleak is that? Love. We chase it so religiously, I just wish it was easy to catch. And in any event, boys aren't made like Edward Cullen [if they ever were]. I think that is the last thing that is missing from my life at the moment - love. Not that I don't have any love at all... but you know what I mean. "the boys watch the girls as the girls watch the boys who watch the girls go by, by and by...." And I've typed up all this purely in the good and holy name of PROCRASTINATION - Join us, we throw good parties... ;)

Better hit the bed now before I oversleep and miss law AGAIN. That would be complete disaster country.

..Love Starchild*

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