Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its a new day. A very beautiful one in Grahamstown. I've just finished reading my Journalism tutorial articles about gay marriage and the battles that people are having to fight for it to be legalised.

I felt morbidly sad after reading about some of the cases of men who were ARRESTED because they were under suspicion of being gay. How far can we really have come if this is the world we live in?

African countries face such a vast array of bigger, more serious problems and governments choose to put this issue at the top of their agenda. Kenya does not only outlaw marriage, it sees sex between two people of the same gender as a crime! Gay organisations aren't allowed to distribute safe gay sex advice because that would be seen as aiding a felony. Hence, there are people living in Kenya unaware that HIV can be transmitted through gay sex.

However, it is not only in Africa that homophobia is alive and kicking. In France [a very first world, advanced country] the law does not recognise a gay marriage as marriage. The French call it Pacte Civil de Solidarite. Gay partners are called concubines!

Our prejudices against people who are different to us has to stop. Homophobia is the same as racism and it shouldn't take us as long as it did with racism to try and rectify the situation. Even if homophobia doesn't disappear [like racism], we can atleast put measures in place to protect people and make sure that the law caters for them.

South Africa is atleast on the right path as far as gay marriage is concerned. I'm proud of that.
One of the articles quotes Solomon Wambua, the head of the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya, "If you don't dump your trash on someone else's yard, you can do as you please."

Think about it.

..Love Starchild*

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