Sunday, April 11, 2010

The heart is brave when we least expect it..*

The things I won't forget:

-I could tell how you were feeling just by how you greeted me.
-We could talk for hours and never run out of things to say.
-You relied on me when you needed someone just to hear you vent.
-You relied on me.
-You trusted me with the little things you couldn't tell anyone else.
-I could trust you with things that I couldn't share with other people.
-You always had the right words to say.
-You were always there when I needed you.
-You could make me smile.
-I could make you laugh.
-The songs that reminded me of you.
-The moments when I would say something completely retarded but you still understood me.
-You knew me more than any other person did.
-Without even trying, you saw me clearer than anyone else did.
-The conversations that made no sense to anyone else but us.
-The times we talked about the future and our lives and where we wanted to direct our lives.
-We were always opposites in our views, I was in the clouds and you were grounded.
-The person you were.

-The moment when you promised nothing would change.
-The moment I realized it would.
-The moment it did change.
-The moment you disappeared.
-The moment we stopped being who we were and grew into people who didn't recognise each other.
-The moment you walked away from a friendship you had already left behind.
-The moment I chose to walk away even though I didn't want to.
-The moment I saw you as a different person - a stranger.
-This moment when I know that we will never be the same friends again and that the past is too far behind us to reach back and pull forward.

Life drags us reluctantly forward and when we least expect it our hearts are brave..*

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