Saturday, April 3, 2010

She came home and for some reason, expected it to be different. She expected the people to have changed like she did. They hadn't.

Everyone said that a new place, far from her 'home' would be hard to adjust to, that she would feel miserable and out of place for a long time before it felt right but she found something different. She found that strangers made her feel comfortable and that unknown streets made her feel secure. She found that in a different bed, she was no longer an insomniac. She heard herself laugh - a sound she had forgotten. She felt. Real happiness.

She came home and the people she was supposed to feel connected to, left her empty inside. The house they called home was just cold walls and empty rooms. She can see the love in their eyes and the pain of missing her, but she can't feel it. She wants to go home. The place that feels like home to her and be with the people who feel like her family.

She misses the trees and pathways and the late night walks. She misses the silent happy moments and music filled hours. She misses the place where she belongs. A small town. Far from here.

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