Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Romanticized Dreams*

The world was silent as they walked together through the dark trees..

She slipped her hand into his and let him guide her along the path. Her eyes were fixed on the stars, her mind filled with their glittering murmurs. She let herself drift away in thoughts too deep and too entangled in her imagination to be verbalized.

He watched the way her hair caught the moonlight and the way her eyes reflected the vast skies. She didn't speak but sometimes, when she thought something particularly beautiful or wistful, the vibrance of it made her catch her breath. When she did this, he smiled quietly to himself and wished that for a moment he could hear her thoughts.

As they came into a clearing, she walked ahead of him -still watching the stars as though they might disappear if she looked away. He rushed forward and turned her around, slightly afraid that she might keep walking away from him. He cupped her face in his hand, willing her to look into his eyes. He brushed stray strands of her hair off her face and stepped in closer. The distance between them was tense with every emotion ever felt and never explained.

She felt her breathing become deep and exaggerated as he traced the edge of her face down her neck with his finger. Her mind emptied and her racing heartbeat drowned out the silence. He leaned down towards her and wrapped his arms lightly around her waist. He lingered for a moment, his lips almost touching hers but not quite. She closed her eyes slowly and as she did, she caught her breath, her heart slowed and for a second, the world was silent, starlit and peaceful - just for a second.

Almost as quickly as it came, the tranquility was replaced. As he kissed her, she felt all of who he was run into her, she felt the words of his life fall into her story, she felt the warmth of his body ignite something new inside her. She felt her love come alive.

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