Wednesday, August 18, 2010

LIBRARIES. They should meet my boyfriend. He could teach them all about logicality.

ITS WEDNESDAY, OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Weeks disappear so quickly, I remember when Wednesday night was the beginning of the weekend in Grahamstown with all the mid-week parties. Now everyone is so stressed, you hardly see anyone out - unless you count being in the library looking like death at a wedding at 3 in the morning "being out". So ja. FUN TIMES. Anyway, I thought I would relay my library woes to you this morning.

I mean I never really liked the place. You need a student card to get in and out for one thing. Getting in - I understand. Getting out?? WHY?? how do they think you got into the place in the first instance and what are they gonna do if you don't have a student card - I'm sorry you can't leave today. Just wait until the student card you used to get in magically reappears again. :/ wow.

Anyway, Rhodes has multiple libraries across campus. (I don't know why they aren't all in one place, that would make more sense to me) SO.

I go to the main library to find this book that I need because my whole history essay has to be about it and they're like nah, its in the Cory library. So I go to Cory and they're like it isn't here, it's in the education library. So I go to the education library and they're like WELL it's supposed to be here but for some reason that no one can explain it isn't. Sorry we can't help you any further and I'm like OMG. You people are a waste of space on the planet. I know rocks that are more useful.

I wish librarians and the like, had to walk the distance I walked trying to find this damn book everyday for the rest of their lives and then a few more centuries after that.

Every single day.

Day. (trust me, it was far.)

Then maybe I wouldn't dislike them so much.



  1. I am in absolute awe of your writing atyle. I literally could not stop scrolling down to your older posts once I discovered your blog. I don't know you personally, though I have friends who primary-schooled with you, and raved on(I DO NOT MEAN TO GUSH)about your writing right on till high school. You're inspiring. keep it up.

  2. (Blush)* STYLE.(enthusiasm got the better of my spelling)