Monday, August 23, 2010

The most boring post you'll ever read.

Everything's been crazily crazy lately, like C.R.A.Z.Y. I really hate chaos.

(Really Tish, you hate chaos? Have you seen the state of your room? Have you noticed how you only work under pressure? Stop lying to the people. Its rude.)

=/ Fiiiine.
I don't completely hate chaos. I hate it when it completely overwhelms my life. Which is what's happening right now.

(So what's causing all this chaos? Hmm? Care to share?)

 I have assignments and essays all due simultaneously this week. Kinda the week from hell.

(Bitch please, you've had those essays for weeks, you just put them under your pillow for 'safe keeping' )

I was in hospital ok, not like I was lying in the sun chilling. Now I have to work like a whore on Saturdays to finish it all and that means less sleep.

(Sleep is for suckers and some other group of people I'm not gonna say outloud.)

Because you're lame. Shut up.
Anyway, the strange thing is, amidst the chaos of uni work, I've been happy. Normally crazy chaos makes me kind of crazy and I've been happy.

(Omg, and I'm lame? You're lame and gay. I might throw up.)

Oh my god. GTFO.

(Admit you're gay now, and I'll go.)

Fine. I've been acting gay.

( Do me favour will you, this thurday and friday, will you please go outside your room and man up? Like get drunk for the first time this damn term and maybe trip someone and eat some meat or something. You're killing me. Ok? Thanks.Bye.)

If I survive this week, I fully intend to party until I'm almost dead this friday.

( Are you sure you don't wanna stay home and play 'miss your boyfriend until you send gay messages to him'?)

I thought you were leaving? I'm going out and you were supposed to leave!

( Are you gonna go to that place with the cute bartenders?)

There are no places like that.

( Fine. Don't. I don't care.)

Neither do I. I'm going out with Lexi and David and Jade and Mark, we're too hardcore for cute bartenders. What are you, in high school?

( You know where they have cute bartenders?)

I said I don't care..

( FINE. I won't tell you.)

Ok then.


We're probaby just gonna chill and watch the stars and get completely smashed on vodka.

(ah huh...)



Aaaahhh... Just tell me where the cute bartenders are.

( If you insist.. at Friars.)

Yeah. We're not going there.

( You're such a fun-sucker. We don't have fun anymore.)

That's because I banish you when I'm having fun because you say stupid things that get us in trouble. Now sod off.

(Fine. Bye. You're so hormonal. What is it, that time of month?)

I might kill you.

( 'kay I'm gone.)

Siiigh. I better go now too..
2000 words for History.
Love love love.
=P Ciao*

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