Friday, August 6, 2010

The things he's stayed through*

1. My mean-ness and the way I don't know how to be softer with him
2. My lack of trust in things being ok
3. My over-sensitivity about his past
4. My craziness
5. The times when I've tried to make him leave because I don't feel secure
6. The times I've made him cry because I don't think about how things affect him
7. My lack of understanding as to how things are supposed to be between us

Sometimes I don't know how he can be so strong through this stuff. He manages to make me smile when I'm dying (like now from Bronchitis). He worries all the time. He cares more about if I'm ok than about himself. He stays up til ridiculous hours to talk to me. He puts up with all my worries and insecurities. He listens to all the pointless nonsense I tell him.


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