Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Town of Graham*

Grahamstown, South Africa, has a magic in the air but only for the people who like that kind of magic. If you like billboards, flashing signs, highways and towering buildings then you can stop reading now.
=) For the rest of us, Grahamstown is where it's at. It is one of the few original English settlements left in SA. The last count done recorded the number of churches (of various denominations) at 52. Grahamstown's primary commerce sector is that of education. For a tiny town, we have a lot of schools and one very special university - Rhodes. Rhodes was always going to be the university I went to, but I really fell in love with this place in 2008, when I came to the National Arts Festival - which is held here annually in July. 

You have to experience it, to believe it but Grahamstown, though it's small and doesn't have half the shops I like, is more serene than I can describe. Life moves slower. Noticeably. Trees. WE HAVE THEM. The original buildings that have been incorporated into the ever growing town are all architectural beauties. 

I forgot all this for a while, with all the chaos of university life and it only took one photo to remind me.. 

Taken by a friend of mine, Jennifer Jacobs (she takes the most amazing photos, seriously, A-MAAAA-ZING)

A reason why you have to love Grahamstown*

That's where I live. =) 
Looking at that photo is like prozac or something.. I love it. 

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  1. ooh....its wonderful!! The rainbow looks ALL the rainbows in Grahamstown look!! I misses ittt..I wants to be there....can you like graduate quickly and sponsor my trip back? thanks. that'll be NICE!