Saturday, October 30, 2010


Find someone who you really love, even if you have no idea what that means, someone who makes you braver or crazier or even more normal and just never let go. Because yeah, you need money and a career and stuff in the future, that's just how things are. But what about tomorrow, when you need someone? None of the plans you have for your life are going to sit next to you and make you smile. 

What are you planning for anyway? You figure that if you dedicate ten years of your life to studying and working now, then somehow you're owed a lifetime of happiness after that. So, lets forego all the fun things now and make time for them later? That doesn't really add up in my mind. I like to remind myself that my future isn't necessarily another fifty years, my future could last until Tuesday morning. And on Tuesday morning, I want more to my name than a few plans that I'd made for 'the rest of my life'. 

I don't have any real plans for now. But I have this person. And he makes me smile. 

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