Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Afraid of losing someone?

What is it that we're afraid of when we say we're afraid of losing someone? 

Afraid of not having them there when you need them? 
Afraid of being alone? 
Afraid of being lost without their love? 
Afraid of what your life will be like when they aren't there? 
Afraid of the emptiness that will fill the space where they used to be? 

What are you afraid of? 

I'm afraid of losing the safety. Because that's what my person is to me.
 He's safety. He's my base, my grounding. I can trust him to be the same when my life is a whirlwind of change. He's my safe, familiar zone. 

He never lets me fall. It's so easy to be completely naked in front of him. 
To laugh and smile and be silly. 
We've worked so hard for so long to get here. 
He's the first person I've ever felt completely comfortable around. 

I can't lose my safe person. That's what I'm most afraid of. 



  1. It's wonderful to feel that kind of trust and confidence in another person. You're lucky to have each other.

  2. It's more me lucky to have him. :)
    However terrifying it is to contemplate what would happen if I lost him, it's definitely worth it.