Monday, May 16, 2011

10 things I love

1. I love hearing her sing (especially when she thinks I can't hear her).

2. I love that she thinks I turned her into a geek (you always were baby :P a closet geek).

3. I love her 'happy dance'.

4. I love her morning cuteness.

5. I love how she loves the random things I do to see her smile. :)

6. I love how she almost sings it when she says she loves me.

7. I love falling asleep with her.

8. I love her smile.

9. I love her cheeks :P.

10. I love her giggle (you giggle at everything cutie :D ).


  1. @ Dusk,this is insanely fabulous!!!Wish more people were perceptive of the other when in love.!!Great stuff!