Sunday, May 29, 2011

Worthless women.

I wonder who was the first person to decide on what perfect boobs should look like. Or maybe it was like a committee. They held a meeting, drew up a referendum, took a vote and here we are.. And not just perfect boobs- perfect legs, tummies, butts, hips, arms, ankles, ears, eyelashes..

We seem to have set standards for what perfect should look like, what we should look like so that men find us sexy, fun, intelligent, beautiful, whatever. But we have a really big problem:

Women are fat. Women don't have flat tummies. Women don't have big enough boobs. Women don't have toned arms. Women don't have legs like Gisele Bundchen. Women are horrible cooks. Women are stupid. Women are irrational. Women are too weak. Women don't have soft enough skin. Women aren't good enough. Women are worthless. 

I have heard all of this women. How could a person possibly think that they're worthless? To be of no value? To be that undesirable? Be honest, you've thought something like that about yourself, more than once.. Just own up to it. You said it to your mother or your best friend or your boyfriend or your dog.. And I won't accept that it's all our fault. That we see women in magazines and automatically want to be like them. We know they're airbrushed into that image.

And guess where the problem lies.. (I know it's an age old thing to say, but hear me out and I promise it's a two way argument.) The problem lies with guys.

If you are a man, you're probably saying, "I don't do that, I tell my girlfriend every day how beautiful and perfect she is."

Well, you know that image on a magazine that I was talking about, you stop and you look.

And women notice and remember.

She sees it when you can't help but sneak a glance when a woman walks past with "perfect" legs.

She remembers when you compliment another woman on something.

She hears you when you're talking with your mates and you're discussing that girl in the grocery store with boobs that sit just "perfectly".

She stores it all and then thinks, "What is he looking at? What is so captivating? Do I have that? Do I need that to keep him interested?"

We can tell ourselves that the women in magazines are fake until we're blue in the face.
What's real is a man's reaction to them and that women want their man to react that way to them.
Come on guys, step up to the plate and say it.
You want that girl on the cover of Maxim.
You want the centerfolds.
You want the women who qualify as "perfect".
Given half a chance, you would take it.

Don't put this on us, don't expect us to suddenly be comfortable with who we are. Do you think we would care about the Playboy cover girl if men weren't interested in her? Do you think we would aspire to that standard of beauty if men didn't care or hold us to it?

Stop stopping. Stop looking. Give women a fighting chance.
And girls, stop saying it. Stop thinking it.

Peace ♥ ♥ 

PS: Guys, before you hate me and think I'm just using you as a scapegoat, there shall be an equivalent post for worthless men and I shall blame women. Just give me a moment. :)

The idea for this post came from a blog called Single Dad Laughing. He's brilliant. 


  1. I am loving your writing! Like I said before: Truth - Bold! and this one: ON POINT!

    You are giving the real deal, taking the thoughts that we so often push at the back of our minds and your a bringing it forth - in black and white - stamped: TRUTH!

    Love it ;)

  2. how strangely true, this. maybe i'm weird but i often wonder why guys do that. honestly, i stopped 'looking' some 23 years ago when i first set eyes on my then girlfriend. we've been married for 21 years now.

    cover girls? no, thank you :)

  3. :) Of course, this is a generalisation - there are guys who are different. If guys weren't interested then there wouldn't be a market for it.

    Thanks for reading..
    Hope you come back sometime :)

    Star* x