Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Waking dreams.

There is a brief moment when I'm waking up after dreaming about you, 
during which I can still almost feel 
your arms around me, 
your breath on my neck and 
your body pressed against mine. 
For a moment, I forget the space that lies between us.
For a moment, you're right here with me.
And then I wake up and I remember.
It's hard to explain to people what that moment means to me. 
It's difficult to make people understand why I live for that split second.
Because for me, that moment is the only second in an entire day
 when the weight of the distance between us doesn't crush me under its magnitude. 
That one moment is all that I get of you 
but it is enough to remind me of how much I love 
you and that I'll always wait for you.


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