Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A departure from the usual content...

As of tomorrow, Google's new privacy policy will come into effect and it will see the unifying of all your saved data from its products [Google search, Gmail, YouTube, G+] into one place where the company can view and save it for as long as they want. The data dates back to when you first used Google, for some people as far back as 2007.

So I urge you to go into your account settings and remove your web history. Even if you think you've got nothing to hide from the world, just to be safe, do it.

Go to
You will be asked to log in/sign in with your Google details.
At the bottom of the page, you will see "Remove Web History" and it will ask you if you want to confirm your decision.
And that's it. You're done.

I think it's important to do because once the policy is in, YOU CAN'T OPT OUT. Not without abandoning Google entirely that is. And many of us have built our online usage around Google products - I'm blogging on their forum for one thing.

I've posted a couple articles on my Facebook page about the change. And because the policy is under fire in the US and internationally, I'll be posting updates about it as it happens. Hopefully we'll see some sort of resolution in the near future. As it stands, Google is going ahead with their choice. My profile is entirely public so if you have any questions or you want to talk about it a bit more, feel free to subscribe and message me.

Thank you so much everyone!

Have a good week and the next post of the story should be up tonight or tomorrow morning.

Love and Peace

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