Monday, February 27, 2012

A Short Story? Or something like it.

Maybe, Ben thought to himself, maybe one day I'll grow a moustache. A big, stately moustache and everyone will call me 'Sir Benjamin' and I can start a club of stately moustache men...

Ben was all about the maybe's of life.
Maybe I'll take a cross country road trip.
Maybe I'll talk to that girl I see every morning at breakfast, who always seems to be late but never in a hurry.
Maybe I'll stop studying something I hate and start something I love, or maybe I'll do nothing at all because when was the last time I did that?
The only thing that was certain about his life, was that he had certainly never done any of the maybe's he'd spent his life dreaming about.

Little did he know, that today he would meet someone who demanded that all his maybe's become definitely's. Someone who demanded that every thought he had, became a reality, even a failed reality.

Ben was definitely not prepared.

At 8am, he walked into the coffee shop as usual, ready to order his usual coffee from the usual waitress and there she stood, right in front of him in the queue. Her hair pulled back unceremoniously into a bun and her skirt slightly off centre.

Ben waited patiently, counting the number of people who were eating bran muffins and the number of people who were drinking tea. He seemed to be completely unaware of the quiet chaos that was about to erupt into his life of carefully organised maybe's...

[To be continued]

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