Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Clothes Crisis of March 2012. -___-

This morning I changed ten times. TEN. I don't think I can explain the frustration of it all. (I have such problems, I know..  :P) Today I have late classes so I'm heading to the li..lib..libr..li-bra-ry.. - EW - to do some work. If I don't return in the next few hours, know that I have died of silence and depression and that I love you all.

Everyone have a lovely Tuesday and if you're a reader from South Africa, PUBLIC HOLIDAY TOMORROW! :D :D :D If there's one thing our country gets right, it's the staggering amount of public holidays we have in a year...



  1. I agree!!! Yay to public holidays!!!!

  2. :D And for mid-week breaks! x

  3. Lol true and in April, cough cough my birthday month, there's tons o holidays!!! Party Party Party!!!