Friday, March 16, 2012

The cocktail adventures of me and the Trinket Spotter*

This is how I spent my Thursday evening. You may be jealous now. ;) It is completely acceptable (and classy) to have a drink mid-week, if what you're drinking looks as beautiful as this. 

Two for one cocktail hour! LOVE    

And here are two pictures for Day 5.  I couldn't decide which I liked. (Yes I'm that vain.

Without glasses?
With glasses?

Also, I thought I'd include a picture of a good friend of mine, Dale, so that you know that I DO have friends. I don't spend all my time taking photos of myself. She's just started a photo vintage fashion blog called Trinket Spotter. I think it's #chictothenextlev! :P Have a quick look-see if you're into unique, vintage fashion photos and accessories. She takes the photos herself of people around our university.

The Trinket Spotter*

Other than that, I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  :) I hope everyone manages to hold onto their faces (and dignity) for St. Patrick's tomorrow. 



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