Friday, March 2, 2012

On new journeys and change*

Dear everyone :)

For those of you who read this blog regularly (She said, hopefully) you will know that it has grown into a reflection space for me, for dealing with being in a long term, long distance relationship - both of which are entirely new experiences for me. My blog archive tracks my relationship over the months, as we've grown together. 

This is my final year at Rhodes university and as I move into a different space, I'm thinking about recreating what this blog is and what it represents. I've spent a long time thinking about the design and the things I post and how I should continue. So coming up in the next few weeks, I will be trying to redesign this blog and rethink some of the content, perhaps moving away from the relationship based content I've been putting out for two years. 

Starlit Corner* came from the idea of a tiny space that each person has to fill with all the things that make up who they are. A space where they can put out on display parts of their lives, thoughts, dreams.. a space they can light up. Star* grew from this idea. She was all the things I was and hoped to grow into. She started out more as a character in my mind than as my own identity. I could imagine the things she would do and say and represent. These days, I come to think of myself as her more often.

When I started my relationship, Starlit Corner* was moulded into a reflection of that journey. And though it hasn't ended yet, far from it, I've begun a new journey and Starlit Corner* will once again be remoulded. I turn 21 in 3 months and by then, I hope Starlit Corner* will be something entirely different and new.

I hope that you continue to read my work and that I continue to inspire you. 
Thank you for your support. :) 

Have a great weekend. 

PS. I've started developing a public profile on Facebook and [quite excitingly] I've reached 56 subscribers. So, if you'd like to know me a little better outside of my blog, then you can contact me on Facebook. I'm thinking about allowing subscriber comments on my posts, but I'm not quite sure of that yet. That's all for now. :) x

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