Monday, March 5, 2012

Searching the Web stealthily...

I've decided to repost the 'Stealth' post from my old blog since the Google privacy policy change, so you might have read some of this before. :)

This whole regular posting thing is tiring, WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS?! -____-

Also, it seems my scheduled post for Saturday wasn't good enough for Blogger so it's still twiddling its thumbs in my drafts. I'll post it next weekend or something. A while ago, my boyfriend declared Angry Birds war on me and used to challenged me every night [I believe the score is 39946248792874 to 1 in my favour.] Haaha!

And now that it has come to Facebook, I fear my nights might be overtaken by Angry Birds killing pigs.

....I can't decide how to link my random introduction to the rest of my post, I believe the word I'm looking for is anywaaayy..

If you read one of my previous posts about Google, then you might remember that a little while ago Google decided  to integrate your social network with your Google searches - meaning that what you see on Google when you search for things might not be the highest priority items, just how Google has ranked it in terms of your stored information. And as of a few days ago, Google launched its new privacy policy that gives it access to your entire stored web history (I did tell you to erase it..) and integrates all of your Google accounts into one place. Here's the link to that post: Google's New Privacy Policy

In light of all this, I've decided to give a little start up website some attention purely because they've taken advantage of this new market that Google has created - a market of people who don't want their every search logged, their IP tracked and their internet footprint gathered into an astronomical Google profile.

This is where Stealth comes in.

Stealth is a search engine that allows you to roam the internet free and wild. It's all about protecting your privacy, a word that in recent months has become a very technical, dicey thing as companies redefine it to suit their needs.

Technically, Google isn't violating your privacy when it gathers your past searched terms and generates a profile for you so that they can place targeted adverts. You created your account. You consented to their terms when you signed up. And aren't targeted adverts beneficial to you anyway?

So. not. the. point.

In a clever move, Jon Cook the founder stepped in and filled this niche.

Speaking to Mashable, he said:

“One of the scary things about Google is they track everything you do even when you aren’t on Google. I think people want real privacy and that is what Stealth offers.”

Cook also lists reasons for you to switch over -

Will you make use of this new search engine? Do you think Cook has a valid point or are you not concerned either way with what information Google collects about you?

Message me, you know how I crave the attention. :D



  1. Great post :)

    The crazy bit is trying to have an online presence and trying to maintain some sort of decent privacy parameters. Paradoxical in the current climate.

  2. Thanks :)

    I've adopted a completely public profile on Facebook - other than my photos and contact details - and it's been a real test for me because now I have to consider my content very carefully.

    No one wants to be sued! :)