Thursday, March 15, 2012

"So if you love me baby, this is how you let me know, don't ever let me go."

I was sitting in bed last night with what my boyfriend calls my bucket of tea [photo] contemplating all possible ways to pronounce the word "rastaquouere" when that ridiculous Skype ring tone interrupted my thoughts. It was time for my daily date with my boyfriend. As I wait for the call to connect, I feel the excitement build up in my tummy. Even though we've been together for almost 2 years now, it happens every day.

We spend a few hours talking and eventually fall asleep on Skype. Sometimes the call runs for the entire night and we whisper good morning to each other the next day.

Mostly people don't understand long distance. They say we spend too much time talking, that it's unhealthy and that it's not real. But most people have never loved someone as much as I love him. I don't think you can ever really say that you would never do long distance until you're faced with the decision and sometimes, letting a person walk out of your life because of geography just doesn't seem like a good enough reason.

Before you close the window because you think this is about to become the longest, sappiest post ever - don't worry. It's almost over.

I'm not in a long distance relationship because I'm socially incapable of dating someone who lives near by me. I'm in a long distance relationship because there's only one person I want to be in a relationship with and he happens to live really far away. It's the not the best situation ever and as soon as I have a chance to change it, I will. But for now, it's better than nothing. And I would rather have this - this painful, difficult relationship that requires so much more work - than not have him at all.


PS. Day 4. Photo 4. :)

I wish I was actually working in this photo and not just pretending so that people think I'm smart.  ;)

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