Monday, April 23, 2012

Back to school? Not quite.

Hello wonderful people of the internets! (please be there, she wished, prayed, hoped, etc...)

It's that time again... the most fabulous part of the week... yup, you guessed it!

What I wore today. I don't know why I say 'wore', really it's more what I'm wearing right now... This is the part of my blog where I take selfies in a mirror and pretend they're good photography. :D

Clap if you get it! ...Did you clap? 

Soft wool beige cardigan (YDE)
Whirt collared shirt (Who even knows?)
Denim shorts (Petite by Kelso)
Sheer black stockings (Woolies)
Thigh high cable socks (Woolies)
Knee high lace up boots (Kelso)

This is my take on how to wear school-wear out of school. If you want to change this for a night look, I'd suggest going with sheer patterned stockings and a pair of Mary Jane black heels. Always a winner. 

Also maybe pop a button or two? ;) 

This morning I took some photos of Dale (The Trinketspotter? You might recall her from a post a while ago...) You can have a look at those on her blog.

And now I am off to my History class (fun, fun, fun!). 

Hope you all have a stunning week & I'll be back soon to drown you in more expressions of my narcissism. 



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