Sunday, April 8, 2012

Danciiiing in the moonliiiiight..*

Hello darlings!

Happy Easter to those celebrating, and for the rest of us - Happy long weekend! Ah I love these, everyone wakes up late, lazes around in their pj's and watches TV. Of course, this is what I do most days...but that's beside the point. Big smiles. 

Tomorrow I think I'm going to make a tray of brownies - I have the most DIIII-VIIINE recipe from my high school math teacher. (The irony I know!) 

Today I need to work on a proper post, I'm starting to bore myself with these fluff posts. :/ But writing in this heat is like extracting teeth. Oh well. I might be super lazy and publish a piece I wrote for Journalism class. 
Until then cupcakes, have a lovely day! 


Drinks last night with the fam dam. :) 

--PS. Thanks to my sister, I've had this song stuck in my head all weekend.. It gives me happy, dancey viiiibes. :D It's also pretty relevant since we had the most *stunning* full moon on Friday night! Enjoy.. 

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