Saturday, April 21, 2012

For my sister ♥

Happy 18th Birthday my beautiful little sister!

We look like twins but we're such different people I can hardly believe it. I remember when we used to play pretend games in our rooms and "Sticky Fingers" in the yard. I wish I could say you grew up before my eyes, but it happened before I even realised it. I'm so proud of you, so happy that you grew up so strong and brave. I hope you've had the most spectacular night of your life! Your final year of school is already here. I wish I could have been there. As always, I love you and I miss you! ♥  ♥  

Remember when we were young and we spent our days wishing so hard to be grown up? And yet, when it happens, when we do grow up, we're so surprised by it and we wonder how it happened so fast. Maybe wishes do come true. Or maybe we were wishing so hard, we forgot how many years were passing by us.. 

I can hardly remember that girl I used to be, I wonder if she would be proud of me and where I've come. I wonder if she would recognise me. I was so concerned with wanting to grow up, I forgot that everyone else was growing up too. My parents, my sisters, my friends.. 

And here we all are, grown up like we wished for...

The best years of your life are not always your youth, the best years are the ones you're living right now. You can't change the past, you can't control the future but you can love the life you're living.


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