Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Having a meh fashion week. But look anyway. :)

 Okay so I didn't post yesterday. My bad. Here's what I wore yesterday and today. :D 

Top left: Grey trousers (Career by Kelso), white cardigan (Cherokee California
and purple and grey skinny scarf (Truworths). 

The idea for this outfit was trying to find ways to translate men's fashion into mine own style. Not successful just yet, but I'll get there. :)

Bottom Centre: Cut off black skinnies (Jay Jays), blue sheer top with bow tie detail (Petite by Kelso). 

You just can't not love sheer. Seriously.

Anyway, that's all from me for now lovelies, I'm working on another post but I've had quite a bit going on so it's taking me a while to finalise it. Hope you're all having a good Wednesday. It's almost Friiiiday. :D 

Lots of love and kisses. 

Star* xx

PS. On Monday night, I got to eight freaking thousand page views! :D :D 

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