Monday, April 16, 2012

I'll give you my dirty, little handbag secrets..

Author's Note: I was supposed to post this yesterday but I was so distracted with the unpacking and whatnot, I never got around to it. 

Good evening lovelies :)

Hope it has been a good Sunday for everyone. I spent mine travelling and after about 6 hours I finally got back to Grahamstown - home for the next ten weeks! While I was packing my handbag for my flight, I started thinking about some of the regular things I chuck into it when I'm going somewhere. I'm not one for layers of make up (far too lazy) but there are certain products I have to have on me. 

And I thought I would share these fabulous products with you. :) 

Maybelline Great Lash: blackest black waterproof
Eyeliner (Random :P)
1) Maybelline Great Lash Mascara: This one has been around for aaages. Seriously. The product celebrated its 40th birthday last year. Whether you use it or not, you cannot deny that this bright pink tube of awesomeness has changed the world of beauty. The original pink and green tube is still sold today. The reason I love this one is that unlike the other brands, Great Lash doesn't confuse you with big words or fancy brushes. It's a basic design and does its job - brilliantly. 

2) Next up. Eyeliner. If there's one thing I can't live without, it's eyeliner. Whatever colour you choose, whatever brand, eyeliner can change the look of your face, it can brighten your eyes, make you look sexy and sultry or fun and sparkly. I have quite a few colours - blue and purple included- but my staple is black. Keeping a little pencil in your bag can be a lifesaver. Touching up your eyeliner when you're out freshens up your entire face. Make sure to use one with a soft tip though, so that it goes on and comes off easily.

3) Dermalogica. If you haven't used one of their products - oh. ma. gawd. WHY, WHY, WHY.  I've tested out most of their range and they're great if you have sensitive/combination skin. This product is Total Eye Care (SPF 15). This little gem moisturises and protects the most delicate skin on your face from the sun. It also comes in three shades if you want a bit of a tint or if you have some discolouration underneath your eye. It can be used either underneath your foundation or on its own. Just apply it lightly underneath your eye. I absolutely love it when I've had a long night and my eyes look that way. Meep. :/

Dermalogica eye care SPF 15
The Body Shop concealer pencil
4) The Body Shop concealer pencil. This one is perfect if you're like me and don't use other make up. When you wake up with a little spot, this will be heaven sent. Again under make up or on its own, just blend it into your skin over the spot and Voila! It comes in quite a few shades so be sure to pick the right one for your skin tone. It's also little so you can toss it into your handbag.

5) Last but certainly not least, The Body Shop brush on bronzer. This is the only bronzer I've found to date that I can wear without feeling like I look absolutely ridiculous. It gives your skin a beautiful glow and is available in a couple of tones so you can match your skin tone. Also, because there are about three different coloured little balls, they blend together so that you don't have a flat look to your face. In fact, when I use this one I tend to use a little more on my cheeks so that it doubles up as a blush.

The Body Shop bronzer

With a little lipstick and some gloss, I'm A for away! Try them out and if there are any products that you guys think are absolutely fabulous, message me and I'll check them out mmmkay? :)

Have a great week everyone!

Love and kisses.


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