Saturday, April 7, 2012

My doggies :)

Kelly, my maltese*
So today I want to introduce you to my cutie pie dogs:

Say hello to my little precious! :) We got her a few years ago and after a couple months of very tedious house training, she is now my little house pet. She sleeps on my bed, sits in my lap and eats when I eat. She knows that she can get with away with almost anything with me and takes her chances too.

She's is an absolute doll of a dog.

Second up is Miles. He's a pavement special, literally. That's where my mum found him when he was a puppy.

The only cute thing about him is that if you reach out your hand, he puts his paw into it. Well, that and his adorable face. Otherwise, he is just a giant pain in the butt!

I know this wasn't a very interesting post -- I mean really, who wants to read about my dogs? But I'm feeling terribly lazy, it is Easter weekend you know! I'll try think of a post later on when I can drag myself out of bed. 

Until then. 


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