Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On the failings of my general Wednesday rule.

When you see the **, it indicates an update after the original posting of this post. 
Afternoon my little cupcakes :D

I trust you've all had a good Wednesday. As a general rule, mine are amazing except for today (She said ominously, raising her left eyebrow)... My swim this morning wasn't great, I've been pushing quite hard for the past week and a half and as a result, I've been quite tired. Usually I think about how far I intend to swim, this morning I was preoccupied with just making it to the other side alive.
You can even see it in this photo..
Lord give me strength. :/

My near drowning experience pales in comparison to what happened when I returned home after my swim and started getting ready for class. I lifted my arms to start tying my hair back and I noticed something truly horrifying.

I've developed noticeable muscle in my arms.

The utter and sheer despair and dismay that ensued cannot be explained in words. In my mind all I could see was a picture of those really scary, body builder women with no boobs.

I needed to process all of the emotions that had erupted in about 20 seconds. So, I sat on my bed and contemplated what it all meant for my life, what life meant and many other things that I couldn't really be bothered to repeat here, mostly because they were stupid and of no consequence.

I have since made peace with the issue. (Sort of.)

**Just after I finished writing this post, I set off to the Journalism department, to get some work done. As I walked across the car park, a ridiculous little white car came hurtling, yes hurtling, around the corner. At this point, I was already in the middle of the road and because I'm hopeless at any sort of fast decision making, my brain decided a good response to this would be to stand still. Luckily, the car swerved behind me and I calmly proceeded to the stairs. Needless to say, I was once more severely traumatised and may now need to seek counselling. (Doctor Phil?

Never before has the general Wednesday rule failed so abysmally. :| These events have now placed in me, an insurmountable fear of Wednesdays and so the rule shall have to be revised.

Now on to the reason for this post: What I wore today.
Today was surprisingly warm. Hence the outfit.

Lace pink crop top (Jay Jays)
Cut off skinnies (Jay Jays)

I'm a secret unpaid agent helping Jay Jays in their quest to take over the world.

Ahem.... Uhm. :S

Friday is a public holiday here - Freedom Day. (Cue triumphant, glorious music) The 27th of April in South Africa heralds the first democratic election in 1994. And in celebration of this day, I shall spend my day.... doing as little as possible. If we lived in a completely free world, void of monetary concerns, that is what I would every day.

In preparation for the glorious, free long weekend, I have to work doubly hard today to finish everything. That said, I bid thee farewell and off I go.



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