Sunday, April 22, 2012

Questions that plague my mind on this windy Sunday night...

Who was the first person to decide that those feathery, little, non-flight birds running around were good to eat?

And how did they explain this to everyone else? 

How did chickens exist in the wild? 

Did they exist in the wild?

What did they eat? 

Wouldn't it be super weird to come across a bunch of chickens running around in a savannah or something?

Is that where they would have lived, a savannah? 

You didn't see any chickens in The Lion King though did you? 

Why is it that Scar has the best song in that movie? 

'Be prepared' is the best song. (Not a question.)

Was Scar born with his scar (in which case it would be a birth mark)?

If he wasn't born with it, then what was his name before he got the scar?

Were Simba chips made before or after The Lion King

Do any of you remember Simba chips? 


Did you ever manage to actually "catch 'em all"? 

Raise your hand if you think being a 90s kid was the BEST thing ever? 




  1. lol I remember all those fierce debates on which is better, Pokemon or Digimon.