Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We're living in The Age of Pornography (Sigh)

Author's Note: This post deals with sensitive, adult content. If you are not old enough or do not feel comfortable reading about it, then please don't follow the link below. This is not the usual content of this blog, please feel free to browse other posts. 

The older I get, the more I am confronted with something I really don’t want to have to face: Porn.

And if you spend enough time on the internet (and in my case, way too much time) you’ll notice that people are keen to stuff porn down your throat every opportunity they get. (Excuse the hideous pun.)

In an average month, I run into at least five websites that I would have been better off never seeing.

At 20 years old, you’d think I was used to it by now. Especially since sex has become (increasingly) the focal selling point of all pop media. Music videos are in essence pop stars having sex with their “dancers” if you can call them that. You can say whatever you like, but you can’t disagree with that.

I can feel this turning into a rant but I’ll do my best to stay on track...

What really annoys me about porn, is how normalised it has become. It’s “normal” for all boys to watch porn. It shouldn’t be something to dwell on, just accept that they all do it and will probably always do it. Or even worse than that reasoning, that they need to watch porn because it helps them accomplish certain *ahem* tasks. And socially, if you air your distaste of porn, then you find yourself carrying labels like prissy and stuck up.

Mostly when it comes to behind closed doors issues like this, I really don’t care too much to voice my opinion. It doesn’t affect me so I don’t care to impose my opinion on you. Let your freak flag fly darlings.  

But since the industry becomes more and more involved in my life, I have to say something about it. And you can call me what you like when I’m done but it won’t change my opinion.

If you watch porn, I’m probably going to respect you a whole lot less. Mostly because I think porn reduces sex to something vulgar and cheap and being terribly old-fashioned as I am, this offends me. For the life of me, I can’t see what the attraction to porn would be. The women are usually grossly transformed by all the surgeries they’ve been through and the men are just gross. And the idea is just gross too.

Apparently the average boy watches porn for the first time in his early teens (though I feel like that age has dropped significantly in recent years). Does this mean that he expects that sex will be like that?

Secondly, if you watch porn, tell me this. Would you ever be willing to date or marry someone who’d made a pornographic movie? Because I’d be willing to bet that even though men find it so attractive on screen, if you ever met a girl who was a porn star she’d be off the dating radar before she was on it. That girl on the screen is someone’s kid, someone’s sister, someone’s something. Whether she’s doing it willingly or not, porn is degrading and attaches all kinds of social stigmas to the women who do it.

If you watch porn, the chances of me being attracted to you also drop significantly – because if that’s what you find attractive, I’m probably never going to match up to that. And by that I mean, I don’t want to be match up to that.

I’m incredibly private, hard to believe since so much of my life is online for the world to see, but I’m private when it counts. I can dress sexily and be comfortable with my body but I really believe that somethings are meant to be kept behind closed doors.

Porn is disgusting. And I’m not afraid to say it because it’s what I really really believe. It’s an illustration of the complete decay of our society. And yes I know, things weren’t all peachy keen before the days of porn. Society today is over sexualised. Kids as young as ten have access to porn and there’s sweet nothing that adults can do, because it's adults who’ve created this society and condone the behaviour.

I won’t accept that it’s normal for men to watch porn. I won’t pretend that it’s okay. I’d rather you go outside and just find women to actually have sex with. Are we really so unsatisfied with the realities of sex that we need to watch it? It’s a little pathetic, I think.

But that’s just me.

I’m terribly old fashioned.

And I quite like it that way.

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