Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I always wondered what would happen... And now, I know.

At approximately 9:47 this morning, I removed my usb drive unsafely. And by that I mean I did what I usually do and just yanked the darn thing out.

About 5 seconds after this, my laptop erupted into a loud, static Terminator sounding sound. My first instinct was to leap out the window. But upon second thought, I decided this might not be the best decision. I pressed the power button frantically but alas, the laptop continued its wailing. I then did what any sane person would do under the circumstances and slammed the lid shut, pulled out the power cable and battery and retreated to the safety of my bed.

I sat with bated breath, mostly expecting my gorgeous pink Dell to explode into a million little pieces. After several painful minutes, I edged nervously back towards my laptop, put the cable and battery back in and gently eased the lid open... Hesitantly, I pressed the power button. The laptop sprang back to life! I was over joyed, I danced on my bed and wiggled my bottom around for a minute.

I glanced back down and stared in horror as a bright blue screen with white gibberish appeared. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?! I shouted to the heavens. My heart was crushed. How was I going to talk to my beloved followers, how?! I closed Dell once more and lay despondently on my bed. After a while, out of sheer desperation I tried the power button...

I have never been more happy to see the Windows start up screen. As I keyed in my password, I made a tiny note to myself - ALWAYS SAFELY REMOVE HARDWARE AND EJECT MEDIA.

The End.

PS. Here's what I was wearing during the Tuesday USB catastrophe:

Woollen print sweater 
(It's from Woolies but I got it for 
next to nothing at a second hand sale.)
Denim skinnies (Woolies)
Pearl earrings (They were a gift)
Pocketwatch necklace (Sass Diva



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