Thursday, May 3, 2012

My day as a one-man band. :)

Good morning everyone :) 

It feels like I haven't been here in years... I've had quite a busy week, so I'm really only here for a second before I pop off to the library. 

What I'm wearing:
Cut out off the shoulder top (Jays Jays)
Bronze denims with gold button detail (Jays Jays)
Gold chunky bangles (Woolies)

I'm very conscious of how noisy I am today and keep trying to move realllllly slowly so as not to annoy anyone. All attempts are failing miserably. I have now also realised how much I fidget during classes. 

Tomorrow night, I'm going out to a music thingy and hopefully I'll get some good photos for you guys. 

That said, I hope everyone is having a fabulous day. If you're doing anything interesting or just want to share, leave a comment or private message... :) 

                                                                                Lots of love, Star*


  1. said music thingy better be my music thingy :p