Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tralalalala... It's a bright, bright, sunshiny day..*

Afternoon lovelies :)

It's such a glorious, sunny day here in Grahamstown that I can't bring myself to sit in my room and work. I wish I could be lying on the grass outside, reading Gatsby. #wishfulthinking But since I do want my degree, I have to finish off this History essay. I am glad to report that there have been no dramatic scenes involving my dear laptop today. :D

I may have to take a little break from the blogland for the next few days since I have a really big article deadline coming up but hopefully I'll be able to manage it all. If I do take a break, then pop in and see me on Twitter/Facebook/ Pinterest. I usually make little stops at those during the day when I have a moment or two. :)

And will someone please go outside and enjoy this lovely day for me? Have a picnic. Drink a milkshake. Read some Gatsby. Pretty please? It's too beautiful a day to waste. Otherwise, have a fantastic afternoon and I will talk to you again tomorrow, bright and early.



I'm not wearing anything remarkable today since it is SO flipping hot. Here's a photo nonetheless, I have to feed the vapid narcissist in me...

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