Saturday, June 16, 2012

Anne Kristine Lingerie ♥

I usually don't really pay much attention to lingerie designers, mostly because I feel like they come out with the same stuff in different fabrics and colours. And because I'm more attracted by prettiness than by sluttiness... (Yeah that's a word now...) Lingerie seems to be designed, increasingly, for men - more cut outs, less panty, more red lace, less beauty...

I stumbled across Anne Kristine lingerie on a wedding site and oh. my. sweet. heaven, I am just *in love* with it. There's no gaudy and ostentatious fabrics, no loud colours, no intricate design with clips and strings and magic tricks... It's just simple and elegant - words I never thought I would use to describe lingerie.

Fly- away chemise

Lacy Chemise

Ruffled Chemise

Rosette chemise

Silk chemise

Images via The Collection on Anne Kristine Lingerie.

Must. have. entire. collection. Swoon.
I would wear Anne Kristine lingerie all day. ♥  ♥  
Sweet dreams darlings! 


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