Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cafes, coffee and quinoa*

Saturday morning. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I've been up since an ungodly hour thanks to my boyfriend. I needed a way to occupy myself, so I had breakfast, took a walk into town and consumed copious amounts of coffee at a little place called Red Cafe.

 I sat in the corner, pretending to read a journal article for my next exam but mostly just wishing they hadn't cancelled Cashmere Mafia. Anyway, I also got myself some delicious pancakes. It made me feel better about the fact that while other people pack up and go home for the holidays I still face one more exam. *insert silent tantrum here*

I also thought about how I don't just relax any more. I always plan to do it, (...which is lame I know, who schedules time to relax?) but it never works out.

I'm always running around doing something and the minute I sit still, I think of a hundred other things I need to. Even last night, lying in bed I started thinking of all the things I want to do this holiday. I got so excited about it all that I pulled my notebook out of my handbag (yes, I carry a notebook in my handbag) and starting making lists. Halfway through the list, I realised that university has turned me into an obsessive, neurotic, for lack of a better phrase, completely anal person!

I'm surprised I haven't had a nervous breakdown and been carted off by men in white coats.

So, I've decided that next term I'm going to come by Red Cafe once a week and just get some tea and sit on the terrace and calm myself. I've been sprinting through this year and I need to stop and smell the freaking roses! (Not literally though, because I'm allergic to pollen and it would in all likelihood kill me. I want to slow down, but not that slow.)
Tell me this doesn't look
diiii-viiine? :)

Also, I found a recipe on this amazing food blog called Atlantis Home for peppers stuffed with quinoa, spinach, corn and feta. It sounds absolutely amazing and I wish I could try it out - but alas, my culinary skills are limited to toast and ice. And eggs. I can make really good eggs. Hahaha! I have other skills... like, uhm, I can swim really fast. :D

Anyway, here's the recipe for those of you who do love cooking. It is vegetarian but it sounds so divine, who needs meat? If you try it out, tell me how it goes... or preferably someone make me some?! ;)

So, that's my pointless ramble for today. :) I better get back to studying now..



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