Sunday, June 17, 2012

For my dad*

It's Father's Day today and I thought I would make a little post dedicated to my dad. 

Here are ten awesome facts about him: 

1. He can play songs on his keyboard by ear. (which means he just listens to them a couple times and then figures out how to play them.) And he sings beautifully.

2. He has super insane DIY skills - he can make anything.. Once for a school project he helped me make a moving solar system. 

3. He is the world's biggest YouTube addict. 

4. Ninja driving skills. Seriously. 

5. He tells bad dad jokes that are so bad, you want to simultaneously laugh and die.

6. He likes to do/try everything that comes his way. 

7. He buys me Friday treats when he comes home from work. 

8. He's a horror movie fanatic, his collection ranges from the first horror ever made to present day. 

9. He can handle his liquor. ;) 

10. He gives the world's best hugs. 

Happy Dad's day! Any moron of a man can be a father, very few have what it takes to be a great dad. Love you. :)

My dad and I on a ride in Ratanga Junction, Cape Town. (2011)


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