Monday, June 11, 2012

Girls just wanna have fuuuun...*

Lovelies! :) 

How are you all doing?! I have managed to abstain from blogging for (almost) my entire exam period. Resisting the urge to click the little Blogger bookmark has not been easy. But I'm back now and typing in that Blogger password, I swear, never felt better! 

I'm sure by now you've all realised that I am probably the world's biggest social media junkie! I can't believe there was a time in my life when I didn't have any online profiles at all. Recently, during one of my many internet procrastination sessions (started thanks to a good friend, who frequently lures me away from studies to the land of ridiculous and hilarious blogs...) I came across a start up social network called Luluvise.

It was launched early in December last year. It is designed as the online equivalent for personal girl time. ;) 

Think of all the things that you would share if you could get all your best friends in one room and then think, online! Sort of a Sex and the City meets Facebook vibe. You know how people are always raging about the fact that some of us have tonnes of "friends" on Facebook but really only care about like ten of them?

Well, on Luluvise you can create your own little 'inner circle' and the things you share will only be accessible to them. You can upload photos, ask questions, write mini "blog posts" and choose who you want to send them to AND, the cheekiest of them all -- YOU CAN CREATE WIKIDATES. ;) 

A wikidate is a little review of a guy, an ex, a friend, a date, a boyfriend, etc. Yes, yes I know it's degrading and slightly evil, but you know we do it in real life anyway. And sometimes you just can't all be in the same space to discuss these things. 

I took a little stab at it and created a profile for myself. I also created a little wikidate for my current boyf. Since, it's a good review (obviously! I would like him to remain current..) here are snap shots so you can have a little looksee. 

Overall, Luluvise is very similar to Pair -- another network aimed at creating a space for a couple to share and talk to each other. Once you've "paired" with a person, your updates are only sent to them. However, Pair functions well on smartphones and I think a mobile app might prove to be a little better for Luluvise. It is quite nice to have a little personal space on the internet as well, I often forget how many people I broadcast things to on Facebook. And changing privacy settings on Facebook for every post can be such a hack! 

Give it a whirl, if you can convince your friends to join, it might prove to be fun. But it is girls only, sorry boys! Make sure you choose a strong password though, girls -- imagine the chaos that would ensue if boys got a hold of your wikidates... *social suicide?*

That's all from me for tonight darlings! 

Feels good to be back, have a good week.. 


PS. A week ago, I passed 10 000 page views! YAY US! :D Also, don't forget to have a listen to this week's song selection. If you have any song suggestions, pop me a message and I'll have a listen. :) 

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