Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nothing will stop me from talking - not even sleep.

My eyes flicker open and I lie in bed, trying to organise my thoughts and separate my dream from reality.
My boyfriend has a mad grin spread across his face.
As it hits me, I duck under the covers in embarrassment - we both laugh hysterically as we realise what has just happened...

I've just had an entire conversation with him, in my freaking sleep.

I've been a sleep talker for a long time, sometimes random babble, sometimes night terrors, but I've never actually had a conversation with anyone. To make it worse, the conversation was part of a very confused dream - one in which we were trying to play online tetris and my phone had broken and was being fixed by my dad... (Don't even ask...) The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: "Baby, we can play tetris now. I've set up a room."
Him: "What?"
Me: "We can set up a room. My dad fixed my phone and we can play now."
Him: "But babe, it was my laptop that wasn't working and what does your phone have to do with anything?"
(I'm starting to wake up.)
Me: "I don't know but we can play tetris now."
Him: "Babe, you're not making any sense."
(I'm awake now.)
Me: Uhmmmm, baby...
Him: Are you even awake?
Me: [in complete horror] Noooo...

The boyf erupted into hysterical laughter while I hid. Sigh. It's happened a couple times since. :(
Every time more embarrassing than the last. And every time I wake up with a look of horror on my face as I realise that I've been saying my dream out loud.

The only thing worse than sleep talking is if it happens during a particular saucy dream featuring Mr DiCaprio/Gosling/Reynolds/etc/ ;) Hahaha, I'll never hear the end of that. Hopefully, I will find a remedy for this before that happens.

I'm getting into bed now, saying silent prayers that the night is uneventful.

Sweet dreams starbugs!

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