Friday, August 24, 2012

The one with Carlton's Dance.

I am getting back on the proverbial horse.

The proverbial blogging horse.

I suffered a minor existential crisis and so, I abandoned my blog for a while. I'm not quite sure that I've dealt with the crisis but since I've really missed blogging I figured it wouldn't do any harm to just push through.

First of all, this is the last semester of my undergraduate degree (eeep!) and so, I've been alternating between working relentlessly and clicking through pages of job adverts. I am hoping to move to bright and sunny Cape Town next year but that's only if I can get myself a good enough job/internship. Fingers crossed?

I have to admit, I am feeling... uhm... terrified? Yeah, that's about right. Terrified. I'm definitely not ready to be a grown up in the real world. Although, when I left school, they told me I was going to the real world, and then I got here and they're still telling me about the real world I have to go to... I have a feeling that this "real world" place is just a complete lie designed to scare us senseless and I have half a mind to write an angry letter about it!

Moving on. It is almost the end of August and in a few short months, I shall be heading off to Australia to see my darling. (Insert ecstatic dance around room.) 

If you watched the video, I'll give you a few moments to stop laughing and get that song out of your head...


Done? Okay. Good. :)

I absolutely can't wait! Just have to get through those irritating little final exams... I'm using ellipsis dots way too often. Somebody stop me! If you don't get that line, then you're not old enough to be reading my blog.

Anyway, this term hasn't been all bad. One of my *favourite* places in Grahamstown reopened. Cafe Blanca - an outdoor cocktail cafe - closed at the end of my first year, taking with it the best place to have a drink and relax without the general rowdiness of Rhodes. They serve the most divine food as well. If I could, I would live there.

What else... I redesigned the good old header. I've been exercising regularly. And I've been eating less chocolate and junk food. (Although, my alcohol intake has risen drastically since.) Other than that, I don't have much else to say. Have a lovely weekend! And I'll be back soon.


My beautiful friends*

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