Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fashion is Art: Alberta Ferretti 2013 Spring Collection RTW

Over the past few days I have been watching endless streams of New York, London and Milan fashion weeks. And there is more to come (Bonjour, Paris..) ! So naturally when I talk to people the first words out of my mouth are something like "Have you seen Blank's resort/spring/summer collection?!"

Mostly people just stare at me blankly. I suspect they are making silent pleas to the universe that I leave soon. But I don't care. I love it. I've heard so many bad things about fashion week. It's unwearable, it's weird, it's removed, it's unrealistic.... BLAH BLAH BLAH!

Fashion week is inspiring and beautiful and something of a live art exhibit. I don't watch fashion weeks to see what I will be wearing for the season - my clothes are not trend dependent. I wear things because I think they are beautiful and because they reflect who I am. And besides, it will be a long time before my bank account can handle runway purchases.

I watch fashion week to be inspired and uplifted. If you watch fashion week looking at the shows like exhibitions of just clothes, you're going to be disappointed. Most of the clothes that come down that runway can't be worn as they are or are just out of reach. Most of those clothes will be interpreted and carried into magazines as trends and foundations and will slowly be filtered down until they are wearable. Fashion week at its most basic level is art and should be viewed as such. 

Don't look at look books and read reviews. Don't fall into trap of praising a label simply because it's the biggest and most successful.

Pick a designer, all the better if you've never heard of them before. Find the video, read their inspiration blurb and for ten minutes, commit yourself to what you're seeing and hearing and feeling. Try and buy into the designers ideas. Sure, the clothes will be outlandish and nothing you would walk out the front door in. But there is an idea behind them and people have dedicated months to making that dream come alive and walk down a runway. Fashion shows are an experience. The music, the models, the make up, the hair, the lighting - all specifically chosen to create a certain mood and atmosphere.

Leave your prejudices at the door. Leave your tastes. Leave your ideas of what is fashionable and what is not behind. Watch fashion week not as a critic or a fashion lover or a reviewer but as someone who is there to show their appreciation for another person's work. Someone who loves art. Someone who is enthralled by the idea of watching the moving, living expression of a person's desires and thoughts.

And so, yes, sometimes fashion week baffles me - pink eye shadow, really New York, really?! And London, don't even get me started on the martian metallic coats! - but I commit and I watch the shows trying to submerse myself in someone else's dream.  And if you do it that way, I promise, fashion weeks will be something you look forward to almost as much as I do.



PS. You can watch Alberta Ferretti's Spring/Summer 2013 collection ( from Milan Fashion Week) here. Browse her websites. She makes gorgeous clothes - from bridal to resort to high fashion. Her collection is themed under-the-sea and showcases mermaid inspired outfits... Fall in love, why don't you? :)

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