Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lela Rose 2013 Spring Collection RTW

...I know it isn't Saturday, I know I'm not supposed to be posting about fashion today, but I can't help myself! I cannot wait that long. For those of you who don't know, New York Fashion Week (my goal in life, to attend, not show) has been in full swing and will continue until Thursday. One of my absolute favourite designers showed on Sunday - Lela Rose. Lela Rose does pretty, feminine and sophisticated. Her collections are always wearable and so easy to fall in love with! 

I don't think there is anything that frightens off this designer. She goes for a variety of patterns, fabrics and shapes in her collections. This collection is no different. These are my top three looks and straight off the cuff, you can see what I'm talking about. Structured to flowing, bright and floral to nude and demure. These dresses could fit right into any closet and are so effortlessly beautiful! How can you not feel like a lady wearing these? Love. 

Top three looks

She cites the artist Jim Hodges as her inspiration. Her collection is quite print and colour heavy, in contrast to to muted tones we've been seeing in other collections. (There's a whole lot of white this spring!

However, my other favourite looks were the more toned down of the collection. All were fabulously tailored and I love that she went for a tweed suit to give her collection balance. 

The make up and hair (Romy Soleimani & Ted Gibson) were both simple and nature inspired looks. The mustard yellow and deep brown eye shadows give the collection an earthy look and work brilliantly with her colour schemes. Note the yellow dress. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite appreciate the navy and pink army print. The pattern seemed too harsh for the collection and didn't quite hang together with the florals and lace.                                                                    

In attendance were Lauren Conrad and Mandy Moore - both such soft, feminine women - making this collection perfect for them. 


The full collection can be viewed here. Images sourced from same location. 


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