Sunday, September 9, 2012

The lunch date that never was.

My dearest Starbugs

I am writing this message from a little town called Pietermaritzburg on the East Coast of South Africa. It's not a great town. There isn't much to do and mostly, it's just hot as balls but it's my home town and I am glad to be back!

I am on my last uni break for the year. (I can hardly believe it! Is it time to be a grown up already?!) This is my first post in a week because things have gotten so crazy at school. I spent more hours than I care to count in the Journalism labs these last few days. The final project of which was this: Project Learn to Read. This space will be the documentation of my last 6 weeks of Journalism and Media Studies. It's not massively interesting unless education and literacy issues amongst South African children is something that calls to your heart, in which case go forth and browse! :D

I also set up the blog schedule which I have been utterly atrocious at following. I did warn you about my commitment issues didn't I? But I have some plans for blog posts so keep an eye out this week. I know I have saved Saturdays space for reviews but since I spent all of yesterday travelling, I've given you a little review below.

Anyway, I am going to be super busy this week so I apologise in advance if I skip a day. I will be organising my visa for my holiday at the end of the year. Yaysies! Have a lovely week everyone! Kisses.


Today I had the not so delightful experience of visiting Flavour Cafe. Dumb name but I was hopeful since so many of my friends had been there before. I arrived at approximately half past one in the afternoon feeling excited (I love going to new restaurants) and hungry (I hadn't eaten since the night before).

By ten past two, I was irritated and still hungry! We had been seated for forty minutes and no one had bothered to even arrive at our table. I can tolerate long waits especially if the food the restaurant serves is quite unique and specially made but can someone at least give me a glass of water so I don't begin staring at other people's food like a deprived, homeless kid?

To give them some credit, Flavour Cafe's menu looked amazing - it had more vegetarian meals than I expected so that was a plus and most of their menu consisted of specially designed dishes with delicious sounding combinations. They also have a special selection of crushes which again sounded divine - Lemon, Lavender & Lime/Pomegranate/Litchi,Ginger & Rooibos. I wish I had but since I didn't actually taste any of this, I cannot attest to any of the aforementioned delicious.

Needless to say, we left Flavour Cafe a little later, all excitement gone but hunger now roaring in my ears.  I shall not be going back to Flavour Cafe. I don't care how good the food might be - bad service, no matter what your excuse is, is unacceptable. Even if they were understaffed (which it did look like they were), someone could have taken thirty seconds to point this out and I would have been more patient about the whole waiting business.

For those of you who do frequent Flavour Cafe, I would love to hear about your experiences. Is the food as good as it is rumoured to be? Have you also experience poor service and long waits? 

PS. We settled for Olive & Oil which is a little way down the street and it was delicious!


  1. There is nothing more infuriating than someone who takes to social media to complain about a place when they did not even have the decency to complain to management at the place. Im sure Flavour cafe wouldve appreciated the feedback and not an excuse to bad-mouth it to the public (who clearly enjoy it, otherwise it would not have been so busy).

    1. In case you haven't noticed, that is the point of social media. (Case in point. The Woolworths drama over the last week)Social media is intended to be the platform for voicing opinions and unfortunately, for businesses that want to be online, commentary goes both ways. It's about facing that commentary with transparency. Not removing the comments don't look so good because the fact remains that not all people have the same opinion of the cafe.

      Secondly, how exactly do you know that I didn't complain to management? (Unless you are management, in which YOU should have the decency to comment with your name. Opinions are so easy to throw around when you're hiding behind 'anonymous'.)

      Would it legitimate the review if I published it in the newspaper I work for? Social media is all about a two way dialogue. When people have a problem with a business, social media serves as platform for voicing that. If the business can't deal with it effectively then clearly their marketing skills are as bad their restaurant management.

      Furthermore, decency is a poor point to make when the management didn't have the decency to acknowledge that we were seated that long without service or to even point out that they were understaffed and there would be a long wait. By the way, writing on social media platform IS feedback albeit not the kind that Flavour Cafe would like.

      I am happy that you enjoy Flavour Cafe and feel strongly enough about it to respond to my post. I wonder how it is you think reviewing processes work though. I'm pretty sure that only allowing the good reviews to pass is censorship. Bad reviews are part and parcel of owning a restaurant.

      Would I have received better service if I declared upfront that I intended to write a public review? In my opinion, the public deserves to know both sides of the story. You can go ahead and write your own raving review about the cafe. And then it's just up to whatever they decide. But hey, that's just the journalist in me talking.

      Thank you for the commentary. Should you wish to correspond further, my contact details are listed at the top of the blog.