Monday, September 3, 2012

This post is quite blah but these are sort of necessary...

Hello darlings,

How is everyone tonight? As promised this post will outline the direction I am planning to take for my blog. For those of you who have been reading for a while, you know that I have been all over the place with topics and interests on this blog. Seriously, there is very little I haven't posted on - from relationships to family stuff  to animal cruelty, the occasional film/book post, social media, even a post on porn.

This probably has something to do with my poor attention span and fear of commitment. (Dr. Phil?)

BUT. That is all about to change. Each day will have a set topic area and I promise to keep to them as best as I can.

Mondays: Music/Film/Theatre

Tuesdays: Silly/Ranting/What ifs/etcetc

Wednesdays: Creative/Arts

Thursdays: Free writing/Personal

Fridays: Book Lover Fridays

Saturdays: The Finer Things in Life - fashion, travel, food...

Sundays: The Week in Review

Hopefully this will make my blog more accessible and easier to follow. If you have any ideas or thoughts, feel free to share. 

That's all for now, 
lots of love! 


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