Thursday, November 15, 2012

Early morning thoughts...

I love learning.

I'm not ashamed to say it. It's the reason why I love being a journalist. I get paid to research, discover, grow and change. It's my job to know things and occasionally, write about them. And university has been a great experience simply because it is three dedicated years of learning. Sometimes when I'm up at ridiculous hours like this battling my insomnia, I read articles for my degree. And whenever I finish one, I sit in my chair and stare at the wall, having just had my world paradigm shifted 180 degrees and think to myself:


And I absolutely love that feeling. I never want to stop learning. Yes. That's right. I am a giant nerd face. But you already knew that...

But the biggest failing of university - especially for liberal arts degrees like mine - is that our capacity and abilities are measured by our performance in a three hour exam. We do a different sort of learning to people who study maths and science. And I differentiate between learning and studying because I think learning is a process during which you read and you think and you form opinions. You argue. You become violently depressed and then crazily optimistic. And studying is the process of putting knowledge into your head. I would really like my doctor to have studied medicine and not, read articles and philosophised about it.

Exams for liberal arts is so pointless. You learn nothing when it's done forcefully. I think our best work happens when we write essays. We think. We change. We rewrite. And that's where we learn the most.

I'm excited that my studying time is over. But the learning will never end and I'm even more excited for all the things I have yet to learn...

Anyway, that's it for now. I better get some sleep before my Journalism exam (which is in about five hours by the way.) :)

Good night & sweet dreams,


  1. Good luck in your exam. I've just discovered your blog and am your new follower :-)

    A Friendly Invitation


    1. Thank you so much :) Have a wonderful weekend! x