Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thank you, good luck and good bye!

Hey there all of my lovelies! :)

So it's official. Starlit Corner* is now on WordPress. I am quite enjoying my new home and I've settled in quite nicely. I hope that you will follow me on my journey too. Otherwise, I just wanted to say thank you for all the support. It's been so tremendous and I've come through so much with this blog and I feel sad to be leaving her behind. But we must keep moving forward and it was time...

To all my fellow bloggers, good luck! If you're moving over to WordPress, please pop me a message so I can re-follow you. I will keep reading all of the blogs on my Google list so I won't miss out.

All the love and happiness in the world. Goodbye!


PS. I close this blog on 20 000 page views! How exciting! :D

Friday, February 22, 2013

Migrating from Blogger to Wordpress

I'm moving! :D


Don't worry, it'll be a while before I completely leave Blogger. I'm still working my way through Wordpress and trying to make sure I've done everything right. There are so many things to think about... SEO, 301 redirecting, blah blah blah. My head hurts.But for now, here is my new site. :)

I hope that you will follow me on my journey. Thank you for all the support for the past 3 years!

Lots of love

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The City of Perth (and a little moan about unemployment..)

Unemployment really sucks.

And not because I'm broke or anything. (Don't get me wrong - the money would be great as would financial independence.) But unemployment really sucks because after three years of studying Journalism, I am addicted to a life of routine and deadlines. I am addicted to the fast-paced independent lifestyle that I had a taste of when I was in university.

Unemployment is also really frustrating.

Mostly because I'm a writer and the moment I stop doing things and learning things - guess what, my inspiration takes a long walk off of a short pier.

As a result, instead of trying to (quite painfully) drag a meaningful post out of my soul, I thought I'd show you a couple more photos from Perth. What I loved most about the city was its juxtaposition of old and new and that it paid equal attention to preservation, modernisation and TREES.

If there's one thing that tends to make me sad about cities, it is definitely the fact that everywhere you look it's all concrete and tar and glass and stainless steel. Perth was quite the exception. It was beautifully designed and taken care of. It was also one of the most cleanest cities I've ever been in.

The Perth Cultural Centre was my favourite place to be. It is the collective names for places like the Art Gallery of WA, the WA Museum, Alexander Library and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.

The Centre has been designed and decorated by artists and designers. It has multiple art installations as well as manicured gardens and quotes and maps painted out on the ground.

It was also the place where I happened to see a lady pushing a dog around in a stroller. It was simultaneously awesome and weird and hilarious.

Anyway, today is uber hot so instead of boring you with more words, here are my photos. :)

When we visited Perth City, over the Christmas period, this building was decorated with kids on skateboards and people singing carols. In the picture below, you can see its full setting - right opposite a shopping centre. The weird green thing in the middle is one of Perth's art installations. I tried my best to understand it. I really did.

This stained glass window was in a shopping centre. I was so surprised to see it, it felt both out of place but also wonderfully perfect.

The next few photos show the giant skyscrapers of the city, often flanked by the original little buildings. Perth City has done so well to preserve that part of their heritage.

This especially caught my eye because they had decided to keep the face of the original building and erect department stores right behind it. Oh how the times have changed. ;) I stood and wondered what the original buildings might have housed.
This quote stood in the Perth Cultural Centre, right at the beginning of one of the many paths in.

The Perth Cultural Centre has the most beautiful art gallery. I would willing live inside it. 

I couldn't resist ;)

This photo was taken under duress but who wouldn't want to stand in the middle of a rainbow? :D

This little amphitheatre is used to air art films, student productions and other things. Just off to the left is the quaintest little bar that often hosts live music. 

The museum is housed in the original Perth library building.

My favourite art installation. The photo below explains it.

Have you been to Perth? Did you enjoy it? Send me photos/stories. :)

I'm off now. Hope you all have a lovely evening/morning/afternoon.. wherever you are.

Lots of love


Monday, January 28, 2013

Across the universe...

Okay, not quite the universe but it was a long journey across the ocean all the way to Perth, WA to see my absolute fave person in the world. On a chilly Saturday morning, he met me in the airport at 2am for what was to be the most amazing month and a half of my life.

Now that all the excitement is over and I'm back in not-as-sunny Natal, I am here to tell you all about it. First things first. If you're new here, this is my boyfriend, Jayd. We've been long distance for about two and a half years now. He's in Australia, I'm in South Africa, somehow we make it work.

This holiday was something of an experiment for us to see if we could actually live together and not kill each other. And it went pretty well I think all things considered. (Some threats were made but we resolved things before they went too far. :P)

After all those years making fun of South Africans who moved to Australia (and while I was there I realised  the full extent of it, every second person I met was an ex-South African!) I FINALLY UNDERSTAND. Australia is so damn amazing! The beaches were beautiful, the weather was great (too hot, I'll admit but great otherwise) and the city. oh my hat. the city. I am definitely a city girl. There were vintage pop up shops everywhere I looked! Multiple orgasms I tell you. One such shop is Neon Pony

They had stunning collections and the store was so wonderfully colourful and happy. 


This was a gorgeous little dress that I found but alas
the finances would not allow for such a purchase. Silly exchange rates. 

The store that I went to was in Northbridge but according to their page, the store has moved. I am definitely going to look them up the next time I'm in sunny Australia. :D And you should too! And maybe buy me a little something... ;)

Star* xxx