Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thank you, good luck and good bye!

Hey there all of my lovelies! :)

So it's official. Starlit Corner* is now on WordPress. I am quite enjoying my new home and I've settled in quite nicely. I hope that you will follow me on my journey too. Otherwise, I just wanted to say thank you for all the support. It's been so tremendous and I've come through so much with this blog and I feel sad to be leaving her behind. But we must keep moving forward and it was time...

To all my fellow bloggers, good luck! If you're moving over to WordPress, please pop me a message so I can re-follow you. I will keep reading all of the blogs on my Google list so I won't miss out.

All the love and happiness in the world. Goodbye!


PS. I close this blog on 20 000 page views! How exciting! :D

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